Bravo Team

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Take aim. Strike first – strike hard. It’s all or nothing in a heart-pumping firefight of intense combat and split-second tactical decision making. Trapped in hostile territory, you and your teammate are totally surrounded. Only cool thinking in the heat of battle will see you through to the end of your mission – so take up variety of shotguns, pistols …

The Inpatient

David Nicholls Featured, Titles

A twisting tale of terror. Life and death decisions Open your eyes… and prepare yourself for the dread of unforgettable psychological horror. Set 60 years before the nerve-shredding events of PS4 smash hit Until Dawn, you awaken in a strange medical facility, with no memory. It’s up to you to discover why you’re trapped within Blackwood Pines Sanatorium – and …

Hidden Agenda

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Can you hold your nerve in the hunt for the infamous ‘Trapper’ killer? Use your mobile device to make tough decisions that impact the branching storyline in this PS4 exclusive crime thriller from the PlayLink range. You never know what’s lurking around each dark and sinister corner… But this chilling mystery has a twist from the very start: bring up …

PS VR Worlds

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PS VR Worlds is a collection of five different VR experiences that have all been built from the ground up exclusively for the PS VR headset. While at London Studio I was part of the environment team, looking after various parts of the 5 experiences included in the package. My other responsibilities included integrating new workflows such as Allegorithmic’s Substance packages …

Ashes of the Singularity

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I worked with Exis Interactive doing building work on this project.

Total War

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I worked for 8 months on Total War: Warhammer at Creative Assembly as part of their environment team, helping build the world from concept and art direction through to in-game content.

World of Tanks

David Nicholls Featured, Titles

I worked with Exis Interactive on World of Tanks for PC and Xbox One. During my time on this project I had the responsibility of modelling, uving and baking models ready to be sent to the texture artists.