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David Nicholls

I am a Material & Environment Artist based in the UK and have been working in the industry around 5 years.

While primarily an Artist by trade enjoying both hard surface and organic work, focusing mostly on high poly and material work. I have also been known to experiment with new methods and technologies regularly to try speed up workflows or improve on techniques. With the aim of always bettering myself and my artistic abilities, and sharing these findings with the team. I am quick to learn new software and aspire to grow my skillset as I move forward. I have experience working with teams in various roles as well as individually on projects and I have experience with helping problem solve alongside direction to help bring a project together.

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    Material Library Management

    Creating and maintaining an asset library of materials for studio wide allocation.

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    Procedural Workflows

    I have experience bringing a procedural workflow to an art team and helping adapt it to their current needs.

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    Both traditional and PBR texturing for games

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    Asset Creation

    High to Low workflow for real time engines, UVing and baking for both hard surface and organic.

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    Level Art and Design

    Level layout and for gameplay and level art pass in both commercial and proprietary engines.


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    Super Massive Games - MATERIAL ARTIST - November 2016 - Present

    I currently work at Super Massive Games in Guildford as their Material Artist. I'm mostly responsible for keeping the studios material and shading related workflows up to date, while also building our substance asset library over our various titles. I do however also have the chance to work on projects directly where specialised materials and shaders are required.

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    SIE London Studio - Environment Artist - January 2015 - November 2016

    While working at Sony's London Studio as an environment artist, I helped create environments for various projects using virtual reality technology. My responsibilities include taking assets from concept through to final engine implementation. I'm also integrating Allegorithmic's Substance packages into our environment workflows alongside our outsource team.

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    Exis Interactive - Vehicle Artist (Outsource Work) - October 2014 - October 2015

    While working with Exis I delivered outsource work for World Of Tanks. Where I was responsible for taking vehicles from blueprint stage through base, high poly, low poly, uv and baking. I also had the chance to work on titles such as Ashes of the Singularity and some private contracts.

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    The Creative Assembly - Environment Artist (Intern - Total WAr: Warhammer) - June 2014 - January 2015

    I worked as part of the Total War team at the Creative Assembly, working on their Warhammer Total War title. My responsibilities were to take architecture, siege and environment props from base concept through to final in-game assets in their proprietary engine. I was also tasked with trouble shooting various problems as they appeared in the pipeline and helping debug.